Weaving Facility Building area is 4040 M2 . Main products include Plain, Twill, Satin and Complex Twill weaves in Cotton, Polyester, TC, and TR Blends from 55 to 75 inches widths.

Moreover Plain/Dobby weaves in 2 and 4 color stripe or checks can also be produced Total production output can reach up to 900,000 Meters of woven fabric monthly produced in 110 Imported Air jet looms with Brands Tsudakoma from Japan and Picanol from Belgium.

Knitting Facility Building area is 7412.20 M2. The main products include Tubular Knitted fabric in different construction and composition such as Single Jersey, Rib and Interlock in Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, TC, and CVC Blends.

Monthly productivity can reach up to 846 Tons produced in 301 sets of Circular Knitting Machines and can produce different fabric widths and gauges. Currently, more than 100 employees make up the total workforce of the Knitting Facility.

A large scale Woven Garment Facilities are housed in a 13,500 square meters building area and comprised of 23 sewing lines. The woven garments facilities cover the garment manufacturing cycle from Sewing, Finishing, Folding and Packing.

Nearly 1050 employees compose the workforce and the annual production output can reach up to 21,000,000 pieces Woven garments annually. Main products include Woven shirt, blouses, chino’s , golf short , underwear, sleepwear, medical uniforms ,thoubs , work wear and Down Jackets.

The Knitted Garment Facilities are comprised of a full scale garment mass production sections from Cutting, Sewing, Finishing, and Folding up to Packing. The garment production covers a total area of 12600 square meters (Sewing to Packing) and a 4200 square meters area housed a Cutting Facility centralized for both Woven and Knitted fabric cutting. The 22 Sewing lines can produce more than 36,000,000 pieces Knitted garments annually. The sewing lines are equipped with Euratex Hanger system for optimized work efficiency and reduced manual handling. The Knitted garment facility employs total of 900 employees and Cutting facility has 70 workers. Main products include T-shirts, underwear, sleepwear, pants, and sportswear in all age and gender group.

Spinning Building area is 42,400 M2. Product ranges include ring spun yarn such as 100% Cotton, TC and CVC Blended Yarns from 26s to 80s counts. The spinning facility can produce different yarn qualities such as single, double twist, carded, combed and gassed yarns. Our production features a total ring spinning scale of 73,584 spinning spindles and 12,800 twisting spindles to manufacture an average productivity of 570 Tons monthly. The Spinning workforce is comprised of 500 Employees , The facility is well equipped with imported machines from worldwide reliable manufacturer and brands such as Rieter(Switzerland),Volkman(Switzerland),Trutzchler (Germany), Zinser (Germany),SSM (Germany), Murata( Japan), Xorella from Hongkong and the laboratory testing equipment from Uster Technology of Switzerland.

Yarn mercerized and hank dyeing factory Building area is 5000 M2 include reeling workshop , mercerizing and hank dyeing workshop , squeezer and drying workshop , packing & store workshop and laboratory , The facility has the most advanced technology in the world for yarn mercerized and hank dyeing machine for all yarn counts specially for fine counts as 100/2,120/2and 140/2 , We can dye all types of cotton , blends , rayon , bamboo , chanilia and polyester with daily production about 2-3 tons / day according to color , yarn count and processing./p>

Dyeing, Bleaching and Finishing Facility area is 10924.18 M2. It’s catering both Woven and Knitted Fabric, workforce of 140 employees. Our Dye house conducts both Reactive & Disperse dyeing teckniques along with various Finishing like Peach-Skin , Wrinkle Free , Calendar , Fire – Retardant , Water Repellant , Soil Release & Esy Care + Non Iron Finish , For Woven bleaching Capacity 1.5 Million Monthly in Max width 170 cm , knits dying / finishing capacity is 500 tons monthly in Max 150 Tubular . High Tech and Automatic equipments in lap like Datacolor 600 , Ahiba IR , Dispenser autlap Tf-120.

These facilities cover an area of 32,000 square meters. One of the company’s core products, the Yashmagh / Ghuttra are characterized with elegant weave designs and patterns made up of 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester and TC Blends. The Yashmagh is more commonly recognized as the Red and White patterned designs and the Ghuttra is commonly of White or Cream color in plain weave which can be incorporated with prints or embroidery. The Yashmagh and Ghuttra production facilities have a total of 400 workers and equipped with 769 weaving looms (Shuttle, Rapier, Jaquard looms). Our Yashmagh and Ghuttra products are synonymous with elegance, smoothness, fineness, intricacy and brilliance. The productivity can reach up to 420,000 pieces monthly.

The facility has an area of 798 square meters and equipped with 27 machines with total 526 heads. 26 Units have 20 Heads and 6-color Threads and 1 machine with 6 heads which can have 12 color threads combination. This facility has a total of 20 workers and can reach daily production of 200,000 embroidered pieces. The Embroidery Facility can process both Knitted and Woven fabrics, have design capability and can produce from simple to intricate embroidery patterns.

The Elastic Band Weaving Workshop occupies a total area of 1000 square meters. Main products are plain or twill weave elastic bands of different widths. We employ a total of 40 workers in this section and have a total of 63 machines mainly for warping, shuttleless weaving machines, shoulder tape machines, crochet machines, ironing and packing machines.

An Elasticity Tester is available in-house to test the elongation property of the elastic bands. Productivity can reach up to 7,922,200 meters monthly.

The Packaging Materials Facility area is 10,000 M2 , main products are Boxes, Gift Box, Poly bags, and Corrugated Boxes. The facility has many kind of different printing machines, Offset printing machines, Rotogravure printing machines, and Flexographic printing machine m we produce Boxes of different ores and different shapes, produce poly bag, produce corrugated Boxes, and various packaging materials. Workforce is consist of 200 highly qualified and skilled workers,

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