Knitted Fabrics

We Offer Tubular Raw and Finished fabrics under the Folowing Constructions
* Single jersey 12":34” without Elastane
* Rib 9":34” with or without Elastane
* Inter lock tubular 12":23" without Elastane ,3o",34” tubular with Elastane
* Rib with Elastane for making Collar and Cuff

Type of Products

100% cotton, PC Blends Mélange /100 % Cotton , Cotton Viscose , Cotton Poly , E - Mélange , OE-PC.
Mélange and 100% cotton OE mélange, 100% Viscose, Modal, MicroModal, Tencel, Viscose, Modal , MicroModal , Tencel Blends with Cotton.
100% Recycled polyester and Blends.

Lawrence textile produces knitted fabrics in 12" to 34" dia with 301 knitting machines with the production of 33 tons/day. End use of our products : Fashion wear , Casual wear , sleep wear and Intimate wear.

Knits : Speciality and Functional fabrics. The process-house specializes in finishes like Flame Retardant, Moisture managerment, Anti Bacterial, Resin finish, Silicon Softness.

Woven Fabrics

We specialize in offering superior quality woven fabrics Woven Fabrics: have variety of fabric weaving includes Plain, Twill, Drill, Gabardine, Sateen, Satin, Stripe Sateen Dobby design, Rib stop, Oxford weave and equipped with the most modern Air-jet looms.

produces fabrics in widths ranging from 55 inches to 71 inches with 110 Air-Jet looms with the production of 3o,ooo meters/day.

Type of Products

* 100% Cotton, * 100% viscose, * 100% POLYESTER, * Cotton** Polyester** Blends, * Cotton** Modal/ Tencel Blends.

End use of our products: Casual wear, Work wear. Woven: Specialty and Functional fabrics.

Woven: Specialty and Functional fabrics The process-house specializes in finishes like
* High Visibility   * Water repellant, Insect repellant  * Flame Retardant   * Anti fungal, Anti septic   * Moisture management   * UV Protection, Enzyme finish   * Stain guard   * Resin finish   * Soil release   * Mechanical finishes like Peaching,   * Anti static/ Anti bacterial/ Anti acid   * Brushing etc...