Lawrance is a sister company of Ajlan Bros. Holding which has a rich history that spans over decades. The company evolved from a small family business in K.S.A. to the global fashion and apparel group that it is today. The company's story began in 1974 in Riyadh when Mr. Ajlan established himself as a small, independent garments retailer. From then on, the business has grown up to the extent of proceeding a direct import for the Traditional Arabian wear from several European Countries and simultaneously diluting and eventually dominating the retail shops in key cities of K.S.A. and the Gulf Area.

By early nineties, Ajlan & Bros. launched its owned brand DROSH with own designs and expanded the Underwear line besides the Traditional Arabian costumes and in same time launched other brands such as PIONEER and others to cater to the other end- customer's market level segment.

In the early 2000's, Ajlan & Bros. has taken another business strategy to manufacture its products through building factories in China to have more control of the whole cycle of service as well as achieve perfect synergy on the level of quality.

In 2003, Shandong Lawrance Textiles Co., Ltd. was established in China to meet the K.S.A.'s market demand for the underwear garments. It was initially a small Knits Garments Workshop and Knitted Fabric Facility.

In 2007 and in light of the increasing demand from Garments and Fabrics Buyers, Lawrance added new production lines dedicated to the export business and ever since Lawrance remains as one of the best choices for USA, Europe, Japan and Australia Buyers. Subsequently, the company engaged in business with massive retailers across the world and at the time Lawrance kept investing in assets and people to add new facilities in different cities in China until it became one of the key players in China's Textile Supply Chain Industry.


In 2017, the company's Board of Directors decided to consolidate all the facilities in one place and elected to centralize its base in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. The strategy is geared towards better logistics time, cost cut and rapid response to our customer's requirement. Currently, a complete Apparel Manufacturing Model is in place to achieve flawless results, seamlessly integrating the processes of the In-house facilities with optimized efficiency. This integration model is the culmination of 15 years of hard work. The continuous expansion has entitled us to provide full package of services to our customers from Yarns, Fabrics (Knits and Woven), Garments in huge volume capacity (Knits & Woven), Arab Headwear Yashmagh and Ghuttra and Printed Packaging Materials.

Today, Lawrance is one of the top exporters in Zaozhuang City with Sales Turn Over value of USD 100 Million and with exports to almost every continent.

Moreover, the company continuously develops very promising plans and strategies to take up the business to the next level, grow in sales number by adding more facilities to seek our customer's satisfaction.