Raw White Yarns

100% Cotton-100% Regular polyester.Long staple and medium staples including Australian,African, Egyptian and Pima.
*Yarn Count: RY-Ne 24s to 120s,   *Blends: Poly / Cotton,   *Double Yarn
*Gassed Yarn


We use the latest HI -Tech machines Rieter Blowroom (Switzerland) with Unifloc A11-23o,Opener B12 Mixer B71, Opener B60, Carding C60.
Jossi SP-F contamination detector and Trutzchler Blowroom (Germany ) featuring metal detector,   Jingwei Blowroom with fire detector AMP-3oooV5 and spark detector NMP119.

Honeycombed Dedusting Unit (T-type Cotton Distribution),   Kaigong JSSFA 360 Unilap(China) and Rieter E65 Unilap(Germany). Rieter RSB-D401C and RSB-D45 Drawing (Switzerland),   Zinzer 360-1008 Spinning(Germany) Murata 21C-S-60 Winding (Japan) and Uster Ountum3.
Volkman VTS-09200 Twisting Machines(Germany) and SSM-CW2D8o-spindle Doubling Machine(Germany).   SSM CW2-W Rewinding Machines(Germany).   Xorella Steaming Machine (Hongkong), SSM GSX2-6o Gassing Machine.

Mercerization Yarn

Main Products: Mercerized Yarns/Dyed Yarns/Hank

Yarn counts: All yarn counts specially for fine counts as 100/2,120/2 and 140/2 for all types of cotton, blends , rayon , bamboo, and polyeste.


Reeling Winding : Fadis S.P.A(Italy) ,10 machines with 120 heads

Rewinding(hank to cone): Fadis S.P.A(Italy), 3 machines with 200 heads.

Mercerizing: Jaeggli Meccanotessile (Italy) one machine with Automatic loading robot.

Hank Dyeing: Cubotex SRL (Italy),4 machines with several capacity 5okg, 2ookg, 400kg.

Squeezer & Dryer: Full automation robot Galvanin S.P.A. (Italy)one machine with robot from Japan.